Featured Artisit: Megan Legas

*** Come learn from Megan on Saturday, June 23rd at 1:00 pm as she teaches us about restoration and quilt repair.  She will even personally look at your quilts during the previous lunch hour if you would like a consultation about a quilt (she is offering this for free!)  Come and enjoy Megan’s quilts as they will be displayed for the entire show June 15-26 as our featured artist this year.***

Megan began quilting when she was expecting her first son.  Her landlady said “Honey, you need to learn to quilt”.  Now she was not a woman to be turned down, so Megan went upstairs and learned to quilt.  She made a whole-cloth baby quilt out of “Barbizon” fabric (we all remember that fabric) with a central design.  It was all hand quilted.  She was hooked from then on and loved to hand quilt.

Megan’s husband was in the military, so she lived here and there as required.  She found herself in Nebraska in the 1980’s and began to try piecing quilts.  Never one to follow a pattern, she would look at quilts and patterns and play with blocks and ideas until the quilt evolved.  Megan never buys fabric for the quilt either.  She uses what she has bought on sale previously, or what is already in her closet.  She has never bought a kit or a bundle for a project.  She stays away from them as she watns a quilt to look pieced not like a purchased panel when she is done.

Her career teaching quilting began in Nebraska when she taught women to quilt to raise money to help build a church.  It was also in Nebraska that she fell in love with antique quilts, but the price tag made them unaffordable.  One day she found a stack of elongated hexagons cut from antique fabrics from the 1860’s to the 1900’s at a flea market and purchased those.  She researched those hexagons until she found a pattern that would be right for the period of the fabrics.  She then hand-pieced her Kansas Dugout quilt.  Needless to say, it is her ONLY hand pieced quilt, though ALL her quilts are hand-quilted.  Megan taught for 7-8 years in Nebraska and was named as runner-up to Nebraska’s Quilt Teacher of the Year. 

Megan’s love for antique quilts took her on another track in her quilting.  She began to find overly-loved and used antique quilts and even unfinished ones.  She then tries to imagine how  the original quilter would have wanted the quilt done.  Would “Mabel” have wanted turquoise centers on her civil war fabric quilt?  Probably not, so she removes the problems, fixes the goofs and the holes and hand-quilts them into works of art.  One of her favorite patterns to quilt into her quilts is feathers, and you will notice a lot of these as you get to view her quilts.  The hand quilting is spectacular and she has won many awards for her skills. 

Megan believes in teaching the process of quilting rather than teaching a project.  She never teaches a project, as she wants each person to have an individual quilt when they get finished.  She believes in using up what you already have.  She loves to play with blocks and techniques and come up with new patterns and ideas.

We look forward to having Megan at our show and the opportunity we will have to learn from her!

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