2013 Featured Artist – Sharon Wright

 Sharon Aposhian Wright thinks of Salt Lake City as her childhood home but lived for three years in Epsom Surrey England and two years in Melbourne Australia. She attended Utah State University from 1972 to 1977 and graduated with a degree in elementary and early childhood education. She married her high school sweetheart, Dalton Wright, in 1977 and together they have lived in Salt Lake City, Tucson, San Antonio, Wiesbaden (Germany), Vernal, and they now live in Woodland Hills, Utah. They have six children (three boys and three girls), three wonderful sons in law, two perfect daughters-in-law, and four beautiful granddaughters.

     Sharon’s sewing career began when Santa Claus brought her a little hand-crank Singer sewing machine for Christmas when she was eight. Amazingly, her best friend got one too. Her mom helped the girls sew twin dresses and night-gowns, going over all of the chain-stitched seams with her own machine while they weren’t watching. That, along with hundreds of hours playing under quilts while her grandmother quilted, somehow made her think that she was a seamstress, so when she began the required sewing classes in junior high she had a psychological advantage . . . and became a seamstress. Sharon caught the quilting bug about 20 years ago when a friend convinced her to attend a service project sponsored by the Vernal Quilt Guild. The group finished a rail fence quilt top and Sharon was so motivated that she went home that night, pulled out fabric from her sewing closet, and began a quilt. She was hooked . . . and has had quilt ideas floating in her head ever since.

     Sharon loves all aspects of quilting – – – from choosing fabrics and patterns to binding and labeling the quilts. She has found that she really loves working with wools and batiks and that she always has a need to change patterns in some way to make them her own. With quilts on all of her beds, quilting has become more of an artistic challenge than a necessity. Sharon can spend months on a quilt, adding more and more detail,  just because she  enjoys the artistic process. Sharon likes to enter her quilts in shows because she feels that it helps her to pay better attention to fine details. She has won many awards in Utah. As past president of the Utah Quilt Guild, she is active in many quilting events around the state and enjoys teaching many of the unique techniques she has developed.

Come see our featured artist;s quitls at the Peteetneet Quilt Show in June! 

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