Scrapbuster Class Requirements

Teacher: Bonnie Miles

Please bring the following supplies to class:

* Sewing machine – with thread, bobbins filled and cords

* Cutting matt (or share one) Rotary cutter and scissors (Make sure rotary is sharp)

* Rulers – especially a large square. (12-1/2” is good) A 6-1/2 x 12 or 24 will be used too.

* Fabrics as shown below – and DONʼT stress over this ! Just choose a handful.

Cut and/or sew the following for class demonstrations – and making samples:

* Random strips sewn together to make a 12-1/2” square (MAKE TWO OF THESE)

* 6 strips 2-1/2 x 16” Sew together side by side to make a square (or rectangle)

(with one light and one dark somewhere in the set)

* Random 22” long strips sewn together in a strip set – enough to make the strip 6-1/2” wide

* Bring a big handful of odd size / shaped pieces (At least 15-20 pieces )

* Large pieces of left over background fabric. OR 1/2 yard if bringing yardage.

(You could use fat quarters if you wish)

Other items you may want:

* Camera for taking pictures of samples / quilts

* Pencil or pen for taking notes and making sketches

* Extra scraps or strips – other than those required – with pieces as large as 6” square.

We will be making up samples of at least FOUR blocks, with ideas given for another half a

dozen quilts.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING DRINKS in containers other than bottles with a lid.

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