Entering 2014

Enter your quilts at the Peteetneet Museum, 10 N 600 E, Payson, Utah

Tuesday, June 17th —  10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, June 128h — 10:00 am to noon

The entry form can be downloaded from the Peteetneet Complete Flyer linked on the right.  Please note changes this year.


Adult Categories–$7 Fee
o Hand Quilted Quilts
o Machine Quilted Quilts –Appliqué
o Machine Quilted Quilts—Pieced
o Baby Quilts
o Wall Hanging Quilts
o Miscellaneous Handiwork
– Afghans
– Pillows
– Cross Stitch
– Etc.

 Youth Quilts
o Maker must be 18 or Younger
o $3 Fee

 Challenge Quilt from last year’s challenge fabric
o Free Entry

 Heirloom Quilts
o Free Entry
o Quilt’s Story Required
o Quilt must have been made before 1960

An entry fee will be charged for each article entered. Quilts displayed may be offered for sale with 10% of the sale price going to the Peteetneet Arts Council—a non-profit organization.

The following types of quilts are eligible: scrap, appliqué, pieced, traditional, foreign, heirloom, contemporary, machine or hand quilted. Any size will be accepted. Miscellaneous Handiwork items are also eligible—including afghans, pillows, cross stitch, etc. Items eligible include those made by youth groups, Relief Societies, clubs, friends, relatives, quilt classes, etc. Items previously submitted to our Peteetneet Arts Council show are not eligible.

The Peteetneet Arts Council reserves the right to determine what, how, and where the entries will be displayed.

A Viewer’s Choice Award in each category will be awarded.


2 responses to “Entering 2014

  1. What are the requirements for entering?
    I.e do the quilts need to have hanging sleeves? What should the labels say?

    • The following types of quilts are eligible: scrap, appliqué, pieced, traditional, foreign, heirloom,contemporary, machine or hand quilted. Quilts may only be entered into the show one year. They do not need hanging sleeves. If there is not a label on the quilt to identify it as yours, we will have a label you can write your name and phone number to pin to the quilt when you enter the quilt to the show. There is a $7 entry fee and a limit of entering two quilts.

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